2019: Start your New Year creating beautiful stained glass art!! Check out the Class Schedule for 2019.

($150 tuition plus $50 lab fee)

You will learn to cut and shape glass using the copper foil technique. Then you will solder and complete a beautiful stained glass panel.

Please call the Studio at 904-669-5388 to reserve space in the Beginner Class that best meets your schedule.

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Stained Glass Education

Learn to create beautiful stained glass art from Sister Diane Couture of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Classes are available for all experience levels.  Beginners learn to cut glass, copper foil, lead, solder and finish stained glass pieces.  Advanced students learn glass painting, silk screening, and stamping.  In addition, special workshops are offered to meet more specific student needs.  Scroll down to check out our class descriptions and schedules, or for more information, email us at

Class Descriptions

(To register, call the Studio at 904-669-5388, or email the Studio at

Beginning Stained Glass
You will complete a beautiful stained glass panel and learn cutting, shaping, copper foil technique, soldering and finishing. The cost is $200 ($150.00 plus a lab fee of $50.00).

Leaded Stained Glass
You will learn the age-old technique of glass leading to enhance the quality of your finished stained glass art. The cost is $225 ($150.00 plus a lab fee of $75.00).

Glass Painting
You will learn traditional German-style glass painting using techniques developed in the 12th Century. The cost is $300.00 ($225.00 plus a lab fee of $75).

Glass Painting Workshop
A 3 day workshop is offered in glass painting, traditional German style at a cost of $450.00 (Cost of glass and paints are included.)

Silk Screen/Stamping Workshop
A 2 day workshop is offered in silk screening and stamping on glass at a cost of $300. (Supplies are included.)

Tool Kits
Structural Glass Toolkit: $200.00
Glass Painting Toolkit: $125.00