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St. Joseph Ministries' Architectural Stained Glass Studio

Learn From Experienced Stained Glass Artists

St. Joseph Ministries Architectural Stained Glass Studio designs, paints, and restores stained glass. 


Create Your Own Stained Glass

Are you interested in learning how to create stained glass? St. Joseph Ministries’ Architectural Stained Glass Studio in St. Augustine, Florida offers classes for individuals with different experience levels. Learn how to express yourself through this unique medium. 


The Sisters of St. Joseph believe that "art is essential to life" and recognize the need to integrate spirituality and art.

The goal of our ministry is to enhance the spiritual life of each individual who encounters our work in whatever form that may be. We integrate our art and spirituality in all our projects. Quality time is spent educating the clients about the spirituality of the specific task as well as listening to their particular hopes and needs...

We invite individuals to recognize the artistic expression as a way to deepen awareness of spiritual experience through hands on classes, retreats, workshops, seminars, instructional DVD's and workbooks. We offer a variety of classes for the beginner as well as the accomplished stained glass artist.

Classes for All Experience Levels

Enroll in our classes and learn about glass painting, mosaic, fusing, and more. Whether you’re new to stained glass or have plenty of experience, we offer classes that suit your level of skill.

Beginners learn how to do the following to stained glass pieces:

  • Cut
  • Copper Foil
  • Lead
  • Solder
  • Finish

Advanced students learn:

              • Glass Painting
  • Silk Screening
  • Stamping

Special workshops are also offered to meet more specific student needs, such as stained glass mosaics, glass fusing, 3D stained glass angels and other figures, etc.

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