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St. Joseph Ministries' Architectural Stained Glass Studio

Restoring Damaged Glass Pieces to Their Former Glory

St. Joseph Ministries Architectural Stained Glass Studio designs, paints, and restores stained glass. 


When Stained Glass Needs Restoration, We Provide the Solution

St. Joseph Ministries’ Architectural Stained Glass Studio provides restoration and preservation services for stained glass. We are based in St. Augustine, Florida. However, we gladly offer our services nationwide.


Preserving stained glass pieces for future generations is a major focus of the studio. We have preserved and restored pieces from little known artists to great masters such as Louis Comfort Tiffany and Mayer Studios of Munich, Germany. We were especially pleased to be called upon to restore stained glass windows that were severely damaged as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

The Studio offers comprehensive site inspections, recommendations, project planning, design services and cost estimates. Our services include restoration, repair, protective glazing systems, and other custom work as needed. We carefully plan the best method for preservation including leaving the windows in the place, which lessens possible damage and maintains the windows integrity.

In addition to restoring & preserving windows, the Studio has installed stained glass windows throughout the country. Proper installation is vital to the survival of the windows. We have installed all sizes and shapes of windows, including some that have been stories high.